What fascinates me about painting in a realistic manner is the ability to render environments that might evoke mood states or memories in a viewer or to create a field whereby objects appear to occupy space, possess orientation, have texture and even temperature. Each paintings subject matter presents a different challenge to me—a different way with which to understand the objects and environments I’m trying to represent. At a very specific yet always unexpected moment during the painting process the piece jumps to life and communicates something to me that I don’t get in the same way when I’m looking at the source photograph. For me, the finished painting is far more dynamic and possesses a life of its own.

Though my work may appear photo-realistic, I do not refer to myself as a member of the genre. I am not committed to reproducing the exact and entire content of a photograph. As opposed to painting toward pure objectivity or subjectivity instead I look for a middle ground between accurate representation and something more lyrical. I also tend to paint the Human figure out of my work so the viewer can enter into the space or narrative of the painting by themselves…alone and uninterrupted.